You want to give people a reason to enter your shop.


A painted and signwritten shopfront  that represents your brand, and well-designed window signage  will encourage passing traffic to enter your store.  Vehicle signage  works as a mobile billboard enticing people to check out your website.  Window clings  are versatile in that they can be moved from your shop window to your vehicle windows.

Handing out business cards is a great way to create awareness of your brand and products. Distributing flyers  can grab local attention and promote limited-time specials.

Use your social media  to promote specials, organise small in-store events, and hold contests.  Social media such as Facebook not only generates word-of-mouth referrals but more importantly it directly brings customers back to your website and products.  Your website  is where you can organise and effectively promote your products, motivate people to take action and visit your store.

Concept Promotions can offer you packages with up-front prices based on your budget, target audience and individual requirements. Make your advertising dollar go further by understanding what promotion suits your business and constructing a package that is right for you.


$360 – Bronz Package   Logo Design + Content Design + 500 Business Cards + Window Sign + (1) Social Media

$680  – Silver Package   Logo Design + Content Design + 1000 Business Cards + Window Sign + 500 DL Cards + (1) Social Media

$1190 – Gold Package   Logo Design + Content Design + 1000 Business Cards + Window Sign + (Frontpage) Website + (1) Social Media.


See our portfolio for examples and more information.