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Social Media

Your website is where all your social media comes together. Using your social media, you can find and communicate with your audience through their interests, and bring people back to your website.  Sharing regular website updates to your social media encourages repeat visits, introduces new audience and keeps your site interesting.

Through friends and community pages you can link with businesses in your local area and promote your events.


A business Facebook page is where you can easily provide updates on your business activities through written content, photo’s and video.   Your page can be updated conveniently through your mobile phone and for a small fee you can ‘boost’ your updates and advertise directly to people based on their locality and interests.

Creating a Facebook Event for your business can also work well for promoting your business event.  The ability to ‘check-in’ using Facebook Places using GPS-enabled devices adds yet another plus for business promotion. Not only are the high volume of Facebook Users notifying friends of their ‘likes’ and interactions, they’re also pin-pointing where your business is.


Using your mobile phone you can take photos and video and post them directly to Instagram, and in turn post them to Facebook.  Having over 150 million users Instagram is a great way to follow and engage with your local businesses, visually showing your business personality and updates.


Twitter is useful for announcing your latest news and keeping up with the latest news on your interests.  Posts are limited to 140 characters so it encourages short posts that doesn’t require strong writing skills.  Using hashtags in your posts helps your posts to easily show up in peoples twitter searches.


Pinterest enables you to collect, bookmark, and share what you find interesting online.  Similar to pinning collage groups onto a pinboard, you can build your own followers based on mutual interests.  With over 70 million users,  you can capture a receptive audience and generate more revenue than on Facebook and Twitter.


Packages:  Includes one of 2 options.  Option 1: Initial setup of Facebook  OR Option 2: Initial setup of Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest