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Website Planning

It is important that your website accomplishes your business goals, by functions as needed and reaches the right people.  I can help you plan the content of your website based on your business goals and target audience. After your website is complete I can guide you on how you can continue to update your website and attract people back to your site.



When designing your website one of your most significant considerations is your target audience.  Who are they? What are their requirements?  What are their goals in relation to your website?  How website savvy are they?  Imagine a fictional user profile, detail their demographic, level of expertise, internet connection speed, goals and motivations.  Then consider how they would navigate your website.



Another vital aspect of your website that you should spend time researching and considering is your content.  Your content should include your subjects background, history, specialty areas and developments.  Look at what other similar websites are doing, the content they’ve included, how they’ve organized their pages, what works and what doesn’t, and how you can carve your niche so you stand out from them.



Think about how these can be communicated clearly on your homepage.  You will want to immediately communicate what your business does and it’s products.  You may also want to draw attention to specials, your latest news, and hot products.  Your products you will want to break down into sections, perhaps with items represented by a tiled example on the page.


See my website portfolio for for more information on why you should chose our Front Page design and what it includes.

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